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<steven> ok, burning 2 CDs and then we're off to the hospital to have a baby

<matto> the keg is tapped
<matto> awaiting the guests
<`jon> and you're online

<GameFang11> He says, and he pulls out sword from the wall
<GameFang11> he loses 3 HP
<GameFang11> The Thief attacks Christ
<Chris-Hotwire-Ashtear> hehehe
<GameFang11> DAMN! *Chris
<Drakkor> man
<Drakkor> you are going to hell

Dexi: I found this auction on eBay...
Dexi: "Learn how to earn over $500 a day with this system!"
Dexi: Starting bid: $557.00
Grim: ...lmao
Dexi: I think  might know what the system is... ;)

<Johnno> wouldnt it be cool if there was a cow that had a door on it's side, that when you opened it up, it produced nummmy pie
<wonko> that's a good idea! hold on while I round up some venture capital...

<jre> I know how to end racism.  It involves a lot of fucking.
<Idiotsavant> Usher in the vaunted age of syphilis


<eidos> INFINITE/2 = middle, DUH

<withnail> well, i suppose that whatever happened, at least i'll always have my memories
<withnail> and by memories i mean naked photos of her

<daniel> Scoobi Doo == communist regime funded propaganda used to infiltrate capitalist pop-culture to instill a low rate change in american ideals, they always said they'd take us over without firing one gun

[b] "If you're ever interviewed for a programming job at a big company, you're
gonna get questions like this. At Yahoo! they asked me one about how to figure out which one of 1000 bottles of wine was poisoned, using less than 10 prisoners as 'test subjects'."
[b] I'd tell the prisoners that if they don't work it out on their own, I'll kill them all
[ctho] that's the answer that gets you hired for upper management

<Bad_CRC> I went to the hospital today, and it's called "olmstead medical group" so the whole place had "OMG  OMG OMG" all over it.

centenarygirl: maybe someday, but not right now
RKM 82: "maybe someday" do you mean that, or is that just thrown in there to comfort me
centenarygirl: no.........I really mean it
<PizzaMind> maybe means "when I'm 30, my pussy is floopy, no one else wants me and I've finally grown out of liking assholes"

<[Shinji]> Statitics say that 85% of College men mastrubate at least once per day.   Hmmm... I'm about due....  I'll be back in 10..

(Cloud): I see retarded people.
(@NeoMatrix): Stop looking in the mirror.

<Milphey> everytime i think pyee can't get any gayer he opens his mouth and manage to put another cock in it

<@SwampGas> my whoroscope says i'm gonna get overcharged today

&#8226;&#8226;&#8226; Join: Drehiel
(Anonymous) who is this?
(+Drehiel) Who am I? Who are you? Who is anyone? Who are we?
(Anonymous) wat
(+Drehiel) olololo
(Anonymous) Are you a real person?
(+Drehiel) Am I real? Are you real? Is anyone real? Are we real?
(Anonymous) Or is this some crap Microsoft made up.
(+Drehiel) Am I crap? Are you crap? Is anyone crap? Are we crap?
(Anonymous) yo
(Anonymous) cfdfd
(+Drehiel) Am I yo? Are you yo? Is anyone yo? Are we yo?
&#8226;&#8226;&#8226; Quit: Anonymous (Anonymous@dm-18266.vnnyca.adelphia.net) (Exit: Quit)
(+Drehiel) I WIN
Comment: #screwthischat : irc.darkmyst.org

<dr_rotcod> hm thats a toughie
<dr_rotcod> everything ive learned about relationships i learned from 'friends'
<dr_rotcod> "just do what ross did"

<redcurl> i have successfully creeped myself out to the point i can't sleep
<redcurl> i was reading an article about stange things, like the bermuda triangle and they mentioned shadow people
<redcurl> you ever see something out of the corner of your eye? like a person or something but it's not there when you turn to look? or it walks through a wall or something?
<TMH> only when i'm baked as hell
<redcurl> we used to have that really bad at my old house- there was a long hallway all the rooms were off and if you were at the kitchen table you'd see someone walk from room to room without anyone else there.
<redcurl> i hadn't thought about it in years.
<redcurl> so now i'm all creeped out
<TMH> shadow people coming to get youuuuuuu
<redcurl> SHUT UP
<TMH> actually no really have you thought about them
<TMH> if they hide a lot maybe they just want to be left alone
<TMH> and if they can walk through physical objects then surely they can't actually touch physical objects
<TMH> how do they live? how do they eat? do they reproduce?
<redcurl> shush
<redcurl> i don't want to think about it. i'll get more creeped out.
<TMH> oh god oh god oh god
<TMH> ever had a really good sex dream?
<redcurl> WAAAAAH

chelseamc: when i go through and close my tabs from last night in the morning
chelseamc: its like an internet hangover

<Sephy> this booger is colored weird
<Sephy> and it won't leave my finger
<Sephy> now it's on the q key
<Sephy> qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
<Sephy> die booger die

<Zenith`> This porn sucks.
<Zenith`> Girl is sortof squatting on a dildo and I'm wondering why the camera man doesn't kick her legs out.

<shadyk> i think ill go insert some animals in my rectum and drink some of my own urine and take the purity test again

<OpsuPup> i was driving along one day, saw a bmw and thought, that's an ugly bmw, then i realised it was a merc, then i thought, hmm, nice looking merc

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