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<mazix> Released: 12/19/1900
<mazix> Country: USA
<mazix> this song is older then i thought
<SJ7Trunks> haha
* Crom hides.

<^bret^> good lord you're dumb. I wish Charles Darwin was alive, so I could present him with you, and laugh in his face.

<Kasyx> How do you circumsize a redneck?
<Kasyx> kick his sister in the jaw
<Ceno> but rednecks don't have teeth?
<Kasyx> touche

<michael-> shut up
<michael-> i sucked a lot of cock to get where i am today
<kisama> heh
<kisama> at least you got to suck cock and not be ass raped like the rest of us

<Wi|d-Ride> I'm madder than a 3 legged dog trying to hide a turd on a frozen pond.

<ZXPKNOBB> I invented this incredible cough drop medicine!  The side effects include mild coughing.

< juliaNYC> a tanning bed is like a huge ezbake oven right?

<Hydrac7> nothing  better than seeing the reaction on fellow classmates faces after explaining bukkake for them
<Alice`> Nothing better than seeing the reaction on fellow classmates faces' after demonstrating bukkake to them
<Aboshi> Alice: The reaction all over their faces.

* Alan wasn't aware Rap was an action figure.
Rapunzel452: Oh, yeah.  Everyone wants a small plastic me adorning their shelf.
AlecWire: Or a large plastic blow-up you...

<evenpar123> I think I'm losing it...
<Slant> evenpar123: Losing what?
<evenpar123> my ability to tell the difference between games and reality
<evenpar123> Just today, I was driving down a street, and saw a building that had sunlight reflecting off it...
<evenpar123> And I thought "Damn....these are some nice graphics..."
<evenpar123> It was horrible...
<evenpar123> ugh

<NCOIC> StarDog, you should see my electronic warfare arsenal. I've got virii and trojans and worms soo old they 'dropped them' from most defensive software...

<Andris> See you later, masturbators.
<TheKid> After a while, pedophile.

craig: I suddenly have the urge to rip someone's ear off... can you guess why?
ted: uh... you've been possessed by vincent van gogh?

<cpukiller> lol I was visiting a local university the other day with my school and shit
<cpukiller> anyhow
<cpukiller> the 'tour guide' showed us iMac G3's
<cpukiller> and he was on about how these computers were so superior to any recent modern P4
<cpukiller> and how they had "billions more pixels"
<liquidplasmaflow> roflcopter
<cpukiller> and how the hardware for these G3's were so much more expensive
<cpukiller> anyhow
<cpukiller> this dude coursed computer sciences .
<liquidplasmaflow> ...
<liquidplasmaflow> rethinking your school of choice?
<cpukiller> Yah, needless to say he changed his major over to Tourism and Hospitality
<cpukiller> this never was a school of choice, I was just visiting it 'cause they gave us free food and we got to see the corpses med students fuck around with


<CommanderStab> You know how I'd love to go out?
<CommanderStab> Once I'
<sei> midsentence?
<ipkiss> hahahhaha
<CommanderStab> Hahaha, sei - shut up ^^;

<Sebas> When I was working as an orderpicker, I had to get some assorted terrycloth towels. "Terrycloth" in Dutch is "badstof", and both that and "assorted" get abbreviated, so on my list it said I needed 5 "bad ass towels".

<Cenobite> I was self-employed, but my boss fired me
<Cenobite> that ass

<jer> on a side note, love the new iphone headset -- they don't tangle as easily
<jer> s/headset/earbuds\/whatever/
<erica> earbuds == evil evil evil
<jer> erica, three evils? thought just two?
<erica> Left ear, right, sinuses
<atomicbird> if the earbuds hurt your sinuses, you're probably using them wrong

<Frag_> whats a good bench mark program?
<Ghaleon> Frag_: deltree /y c:\windows
<Ghaleon> the longer it takes, the slower your computer is
<Ghaleon> (ps, just a joke)
<Frag_> uh can i undo deltree?

<DragonRe> gabe: what i did to you was love goddamit
<gabe> maybe in alabama.

<brock101> whats speeds should i get over a lan, with a 10/100 connection ?
<@WheelOr> 10 to 100 Mbits/sec.
<brock101> -_-
<brock101> thanks, i knew that
<brock101> i walked into that one didn`t i
<@WheelOr> I suppose so.

<Happy_Dot> So my dad and I were reading readers digest, and there was this ad for some apocalypse book. It said "The end is near! Dont delay! This book will tell you everything you need to know! Hurry!" Then, at the bottom of the page, it says : please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

<[m]egaloB> don't eat from taco bell. just save yourself 45 minutes and flush whatever you buy

<UGPYitEarp> I think part of McDonalds employee training is a seminar called "dealing with the failure you call life"

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